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Community Based Doula

A Birth Worker empowers an expectant parent to make birth choices that align with their wishes. Birth Workers help by protecting your experience and advocating for your birth plan. Birth Worker support has been linked to better parenting and higher satisfaction with the outcome of the birth in general. If you are interested in additional emotional, physical, and logistical support during childbirth, a Birth Worker might be right for you!

What does a Community Based Doula do?

  • A Community Based Doula empowers a couple to make choices for their well-being. They do not interfere with, or replace a support person, but instead works with  them to create a strong and supportive team.
  • A Community Based Doula gives constant support. This allows the support person to take a break without worrying about mom being left alone.
  • A Community Based Doula can help  the person giving birth relax through techniques like massage, acupressure, and providing emotional support. Community Based Doula can also provide educational support that helps keep the laboring couple calm and informed.
  • In the event that a support person needs assistance with a technique, a Community Based Doula can refresh their memory to enable them to more fully support the person giving birth.
  • A Community Based Doula can function as a support person for a mom who does not have one available
  • Community Based Doula inform you of options and information concerning your pain management strategy, including possible changes if necessary.

How can I find a Community Based Doula?

You  can contact us to set up a meeting so that we can become familiar with your priorities and desires. We will review basic childbirth education and work with you to design a personal birth plan.

Once contracted, your Community Based Doula will be on call as your due date approaches. Round-the-clock phone support is available, and we ensure a backup Community Based Doula will always be on call. Childbirth can be a difficult experience, but you don’t have to do this alone.

Once you are in labor, we are by your side until after the baby’s birth. We typically stay 1-2 hours after the birth. . A follow up visit, as well as phone support as needed, completes the service.

Our Community Based Doulas encompass a diverse set of backgrounds, life experiences and personalities, so we recommend that you interview several people in order to find the right match for you through our directory. Services begin once you have chosen a Birth Worker, not at initial contact.

Benefits of having a trained Community Based Doula include:

Shorter length of labor

Less frequent use or need for pain medications

Decreased chance of induced or augmented labor

Fewer assisted deliveries

Lower chance of needing a Caesarean-section

Increase in successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

Higher satisfaction with labor

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