Nikiya Ellis, Food and Reproductive Justice Advocate


  I have always been a Doula of sorts, since 2012 I have supported families during pregnancy, death, illness and all sorts of hard times. I became overwhelmingly compelled to work with women in their childbearing years after my first pregnancy. After talking to other new moms I realized all women do not get the same treatment during childbirth, that was when I embarked upon this beautiful journey into the world of birth and discovered labor as a wondrous act of nature.


 As a birth worker of color, Nikiya works to address the root causes of reproductive injustice & food inequity in Richmond, VA & surrounding counties. Her work connects the worlds of maternal justice to food justice; by increasing access to healthy foods for expecting mothers through collaborative programs at urban greenspaces throughout the Richmond Region. She currently works as the garden manager of Broad Rock Community Garden, a Doula , a Beekeeper and a Reiki Practitioner. Nikiya worked with several organizations in the summer of 2018 to get the city of Richmond to declare its first "Black Breastfeeding Week" in support of African american women breastfeeding and to raise awareness about babies “First Food” 


 It brings me great joy to support and witness women reclaiming their power and discovering their own innate wisdom. As your Doula I place value and gain satisfaction from honoring a woman’s / birthing person’s cultural beliefs, preferences, rituals and practices during pregnancy and childbirth. Let me honor your diversity!