Birth Workers

Benefits of having a trained Birth Workers include:

· Shorter length of labor

· Less use or request for pain medications

· Less inductions and augmentations of labor

· Fewer assisted deliveries

· Lower Cesarean rate

· Increase in successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

· Birth Workers support has been linked to better parenting and higher satisfaction with outcome of the birth in general

· Empowerment of the couple about making choices for their well-being

· Higher satisfaction of their personal accomplishments during labor

What does a Birth Workers do?

· A Birth Workers does not interfere with, or replace the support person, but instead works with him/her to create a strong and supportive team.

· A Birth Workers gives constant support. This allows the support person to take a break, get something to eat, make calls, etc, without worrying about mom being left alone.

· A Birth Workers helps with relaxation, massage, acupressure, and emotional support. Educational support is also a major factor in keeping the laboring couples calm and informed.

· If the support person forgets the technique, the Birth Workers refreshes the support person’s memory to enable him/her to be effective for mom.

· The Birth Workers can be contracted to help moms who may not have a support person available.

· The Birth Workers helps in significant ways by protecting your experience and advocating for your birth plan.

· The Birth Workers informs you of options and information concerning your choice of pain relief or change of plan if needed.

How does a Birth Workers service work?

Mom/couple set up a meeting with the Birth Workers to become acquainted and discuss your priorities and desires. We will review any childbirth education and design a personal birth plan.

Once contracted, the Birth Workers will be on call as your due date approaches. Constant phone support is available. There will always be a backup Birth Workers on call as well. Because we are a team of Birth Workers, we can guarantee that you will not be alone.

Once mom is in labor, we are by your side until after the baby’s birth. We stay 1-2 hours after the birth or until mom is comfortable with our leaving. A follow up visit, as well as phone support when needed, completes the service.

We recommend that you interview a few of the Birth Workers. You want to find the right Birth Workers for you, and our Birth Workers are very diverse in their backgrounds, life experiences and personalities. Please email or call an assortment of Birth Workers. You can make that first contact by email or phone, set up a ‘meet and greet’ and decide who is the right Birth Workers for you! Once you’ve made your decision, you can do a fuller pre-meeting and the personalization of your birth will start at that point.