About: Birth In Color RVA

Reproductive justice in richmond, virginia. birth justice in richmond, virginia


Birth In Color RVA is a birth, policy, and advocacy collective focused on providing culturally-centered   support to pregnant families, and the birth community.

What is our Why?

The journey to and through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is most often filled with joy, excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty. Birth In Color RVA was created to help families and communities manage every pregnancy-related experience! In the city of Richmond, VA, women of color are overwhelmingly excluded from   the popular narratives of pregnancy and

motherhood.   Motivated by this knowledge, the mission is best shared below:

“We are women, we   are mothers, we have stories to tell and are determined to change the narrative   of birthing women, not only in Richmond, but around the world. We realize it   starts with us.”

What Can I Expect From Birth In   Color RVA?

● Reproductive health education   for birth workers, women, families, and communities

● Community: United in the   mission, members of the network will learn from, support,

and share with one another in the   practice of all things birth related

●  Resources:

● Shared classes for clients

● Skill and resources shares for   birth workers

● Trainings (offered at a discounted rate to members   of the network

· Financial   Support (scholarship funds will be available to members of the network   pursuing relevant training and potential clients unable to secure birth   services independently)

● Culturally centered and   competent support

· Promotion of members’ services and increased exposure to individual members’ clients and networks