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Providing pregnant people services to ensure a safe journey to parenthood and make better decisions for their children. Linking Maternal justice to Reproductive Justice.

What is Maternal Justice?
Maternal justice is a model of culturally sensitive care that aims to dismantle inequities in maternity care and maximize maternal health and well-being. It rests on human rights and requires us to chip away at racism entrenched in health systems.

What is Reproductive Justice?
Reproductive justice links reproductive rights with the social, political and economic inequalities that affect a woman’s ability to access reproductive health care services. Core components of reproductive justice include equal access to safe abortion, affordable contraceptives and comprehensive sex education, as well as freedom from sexual violence.


This is a monthly subscription box catered to the needs of parents during the Fourth Trimester. Every month you will receive a curated box filled with postpartum recovery essentials, beauty or bath products, teas, healthy snacks, books, self care tips and helpful care resources. Each box contains 6-8 items.
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Doulas need self-care.

In the amazing work that doulas provide, they need to take some times to show love and care to their minds as well as body.
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Parent Support

Parent group for education on maternal care.

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Birth from a Father’s Perspective.

Birth Workers

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